Pricing Plans - PPC

Paid Advt plans to drive traffic to your website and generate leads
*DO NOT pay thousands of dollars to manage your ad budget.
*DO NOT pay outrageous set up fees etc.
*Plans and offerings for reference purpose. We are happy to accommodate your needs.
Category Features Trial Silver Gold Platinum
Research & Startegy Development Competitive Analysis - customer, website, and keyword insights 1 2 3 5
  Scoping, planning and custom strategy   Yes Yes Yes
  Advertising Text Text & Display Text & Display Text, Display & Retargeting
Account Platforms Google, Facebook Google, Facebook, Bing, Youtube, Yelp Google, Facebook, Bing, Youtube, Yelp Google, Facebook, Bing, Youtube, Yelp
  Set up new or onboard existing Ads account Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Budget Spend upto 6000 Upto 6,000 Upto 12,000 > 12,000
Campaign Campaign Structuring - for product/services Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Create AD Campaign 1 upto 3 upto 5 upto 10
  Create AD Groups upto 5 upto 30 upto 50 upto 80
  Keyword Research upto 300 upto 400 upto 600 upto 1000
  Create AD Copies Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Daily Budget Set up Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Campaign Ad Schedule Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extensions App Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Call Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Location Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Review Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Sitelink Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Callout Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Automatic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Landing Page Creation/Optimization to drive traffic   Yes Yes Yes
Status Update Reporting of campaign metrics,results, optimization & insights Bi Weekly Bi Weekly Weekly Weekly
Support Customer Support Email & IM (WhatsApp) Email & IM (WhatsApp) Email, IM (WhatsApp) & Call Email, IM (WhatsApp) & Call
Category Features Trial Silver GOLD Most Popular Platinum
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