Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the highly effective digital marketing strategy where you send emails to prospective customers as well as existing customers.

Well defined email marketing emails have greater chances of converting prospects into your customers and also build the loyal customer base.

Why Email Marketing Is Important?

  1. #1 Communication Channel – Email is accessed by a majority of people on daily basis
  2. You can build your email list and own it completely.
  3. High Conversion – Email has one of the highest conversion ratio vs other channels.
  4. Less Intrusive – Email is also less intrusive way to reach out to customer vs cold calling
Reputation Management

How To Make It Happen?

1. Build The Email List

2. Deliver The Great Content

3. Analyze

Our Advantages

Our Email Marketing platform is powered by sophisticated technology

  1. Easy Set up – Once you reach out to us, we will create an online account for you and share credentials.
  2. Flexible Pricing – We don’t lock you down with any long term contract or monthly retainer fees or predatory pay as you go pricing.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting – Our platform provides you the detailed analysis for an each campaign that you are running – email delivery rate, bounce rate , open rate, unsubscribe list etc.